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VINYL-FLEX, s.r.o. was set up in 1999. VINYL-FLEX® products were introduced on the market in1995. We have gained much experience since we started our business. Quality, short delivery periods, price and satisfied customer are the most important criteria we follow. These criteria would be incomplete without employee training and an experienced professional team, who translate these quality criteria into practice and form the company. In return, the company creates optimum working and social conditions for its employees. In 2004 VINYL-FLEX, s.r.o. was awarded the ČSN EN ISO 9000:2001 certificate.

On the domestic market VINYL-FLEX, s.r.o. was the first producer and has by now become the largest producer and seller of plastic caps VINYL-FLEX® in the Czech Republic. After the accession to the EU there has been a significant increase in the export of VINYL-FLEX® products in the countries of western and central Europe. The company has added to its capacities and in spite of higher export and a good coverage of the Czech market it makes efforts to meet customer requests and deliver in shorter periods while maintaining top quality that is so important to the company.

VINYL-FLEX, s.r.o. is seated in the industrial zone in the city of Ústí nad Labem. The company has its own administrative building that houses R&D facilities, production premises and storage space. The company has set up three specialised production divisions. Division1. Production of VINYL-FLEX® Plastic Safety Caps. Division 2. Surface Finish in Plastic. Division 3. Prototype Research and Development.

We offer our customers not only final plastic products and surface finishing in plastic, but also various technical solutions and the production of prototypes that we can produce with our production technology.

VINYL-FLEX, s.r.o. is aware of environmental issues. We recycle our used VINYL-FLEX® products, seek to prevent generation of waste, use recycled logistic boxes and sort waste. VINYL-FLEX® products comply with the RoHS Directive regulating environmental issues.

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